Thursday, 18 July 2013

There’s always a critic.

During a set of dual circuits with Bob I was having a bit of a hard time judging my approach and descent for landing. The winds were fairly light and it was taking me a bit of while to figure out which combo of powering back and flaps was going to work. I don’t know if it is just me but during the hot muggy summers we tend to get there, that little Cessna doesn't want to come down out of the sky.  I felt it all the way back from the practice area, my nice gentle en-route descent had to get a little more un-gentle when I just wasn't losing the height.

The circuit was reasonably quiet so I heard and took in every single comment from ATC. A Porter was coming in behind me, ATC passed on the traffic to it as “ #2 to a Cessna on base for 26, a little high”
“A little high”?

At this moment I’m currently engaged in a fairly aggressive slipping turn where it feels like my legs are pointing 180 degrees round from the top half of my body and you, in the comfort of your nice air conditioned tower, wanna tell me I’m “a little high”!

No sh#t!

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