Monday, 22 July 2013

From the archives.

I write a lot of stuff for this blog and usually have anywhere from 30-40 posts kicking around in draft form. A lot of them get shuffled to the back as new and more exciting stuff happens to me. Milestones like the first solo flight to Claremont inevitably spawn a handful of posts and the older posts seem to lose their impact when left in the background for so long. They are out of context.

I’m busy at work at the moment and unsure how that’s going to affect my flying. Bob is also off on vacation soon. I’m planning on dredging up some of these older posts and marking them “from the archives…” Hopefully you’ll realise that they are out of synch chronology wise.
I still have a whole series of posts about the now infamous “wake turbulence incident”; still not sure if I’ll ever post them.

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