Friday, 19 July 2013

Make way for my ego

I will admit that there is a part of me that is enjoying this for the pure show-off factor. I mean, what 90% ? of people will never even attempt to do what I’m trying. I have a big enough ego as it is. And this is just pure fuel for the flame. It’s fun waiting for the ferry with all the tourists and their piles of luggage while you are sporting a teeny flight bag, Especially when you travel back and forward enough that the ferry crew get to know you and say Hi.
One fun thing is that when you get off the ferry you don’t follow the common rabble into the terminal but have to kind of duck behind the security guy to get down the stairs to the hanger. People do stare at you. I like it!

RTH plays a slightly different game. He likes to see how many people he can get to accidentally follow him! But he’s evil!
I’ve had a couple of ego boosting conversations with people, mostly because it doesn’t even cross their minds that the short scruffy female in front of them might be a pilot (sort of, kinda!). To them pilots are the nicely dressed young men in the white shirts with the epaulets. One old lady took one look at my small bag and commented on how smart I was to travel with so little luggage. She looked confused when I said I wasn’t travelling, just going down for a flight. Another woman was expressing frustration at the late running ferry and asked me “I wonder if people ever miss their plane because of this?” I told her that unless I had really upset my instructor, my plane didn’t tend to go without me!

And on a final note, yes I do deliberately leave my checklist sticking out the back of my flight bag so people can see it!

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