Monday, 29 July 2013

Normal service may be resumed…

… at some point.

As I mentioned before, blogging is about to get a little erratic. I’m on the final run up to my big summer conference, which has gotten really BIG this year. Good news for my employer, more work for me.
Although I’m about to be insanely busy I will admit that this is the part of my job that I totally love. It’s crazy, hectic, and nonstop. Dealing with anything and everything that comes up. Apart from some very welcome assistance with mass copying etc., I’m pretty much a one person show as far as this event goes. It is totally insane and I adore every moment of it.

At the moment I’m into the real fine details of getting my event leaders what they need and organising their resources.  The implications of this are a) I can now assemble a banker’s box in under 7 seconds.  I’m a real pro at it! And b) I’m regretting my decision after my last conference to shove all my excess supplies into random boxes to be sorted out “later”.
It would seem that “later” never actually happened.



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