Friday, 26 July 2013

From the archives: Weather sucks but friends are good!

Low ceilings and the words no one wants to see on a GFA*, “freezing drizzle.”

I’m taking some time off work over the holiday season, so hoping the conditions will stabilise enough for me to get a couple of lessons in. At the very least I need to solo again before I lose my nerve.
On a positive note though, I met up with A, an old friend from ground school and star of this post. First time we’ve met up since we both soloed. We had a fun time drinking sparkly wine and referring to each other as “pilot” at every opportunity

*I've had a crash course in reading GFAs from RTH. At the very least I can find Toronto on the map now. RTH was kind enough to concede that viewing them on the iPhone was part of the problem. On a PC you can mouse over the airport and it tells you where you are.


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