Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I’ve invented a new description for flying conditions. “Sporty.”

Seeing as the word “turbulence” is enough to set my nerves off, I’ve decide not to use it any more. Ditto with “bumpy,” won’t be using that one either.
Sporty invokes images of zipping along the autobahn in a Ferrari, or rallying through the English countryside in an Aston Martin.

Sporty makes me feel like I’m dodging obstacles on a race track, rather than threading my way through rain showers.
Sporty is fun, exciting and probably reasonably apt seeing as JPM has that touch more horsepower than JES.

Sporty makes you feel you are in control of something sleek and exotic, rather than bouncing around in a spam can dodging the weather!
I can probably manage “sporty.”

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