Monday, 7 October 2013

Differing definitions

Bob and I have very different definitions of some things. His one of “fun” for one thing. I wish to state categorically, for the record, any type of stall does not fall into this category despite what Bob tries to persuade me.

Despite forecasts to the contrary (gotta love those meterologists!) the cloud base was a lot lower than forecast. The ATIS claimed that the sky was clear below 10 000ft, which obviously explains why I had to level out of my initial climb at 1600ft to avoid some big white fluffy things that obviously couldn’t have been clouds.
We had to be really picky about where we did our initial airwork, the clouds being a lot lower southwest of Claremont than Northeast. I’ve never actually worked so far north. I was hesitant about actually doing anything to be honest, we kept flying through whispey stuff that Bob claimed wasn’t cloud at all. His logic being that we could see through it and maintain reference to the ground.

I remain unconvinced, if it is white, whispey and throws you around a little when you fly close to it, it is cloud!
Fear I’m fighting a losing battle when the METAR/TAF/ATIS and instructor all deny its existence!  

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