Friday, 18 October 2013

How things change

On October 20th it will officially be one year since my epic first solo. Things have certainly changed since that fateful flight.

When I flew down to Dulles last month, I actually enjoyed the flight. I sat there either looking out the window or reading my book, completely unaffected by the previous jitters that have accompanied my presence on a commercial airliner.  The last flight I took with RTH was an absolute pleasure. I sat in the back and just watched the scenery flow beneath us. Sure I still felt that little rush of adrenaline and intake of breath when you and the runway first part company. But quite frankly if flying doesn’t hit you with that buzz, then I wonder why you would do it in the first place?
Flying has made me new friends, some local, some the other side of the world. My lack of paralyzing fear has probably made me a nicer person to be in the cockpit with. The fact that I am capable of uttering more than two words at a time, we can actually talk, joke and exchange ideas whilst in the air. Something I simply wouldn’t have believed possible a year ago.

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