Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Skills gained, skills forgotten.

Cruddy weather means I don’t have much in the way of flying stuff to post and work is getting potentially interesting again. The other day I started analysing the skills I’ve developed (often against my will) in my second career and along with them the skills I appear to have lost.

Skills I have gained/Stuff I now do

·         I know faaaaaar too much about fonts – I did a whole ranting blog post on this a while back. I redacted it on RTH’s advice. It got nasty. And probably named names. Just don’t EVER send me anything in comic sans.

·         Bus roulette – got a trip of 96 people going out? Only got space for 94 people on your two buses? What d’ya do? Book an extra bus? Nope, that adds 30% to your costs. You book two and pray to God that two of the buggers get sick. I have a flawless record in this department. One day it is going to seriously bite me in the ass

·         Idiot proof instructions – I have a good working sample to test them on

·         The “Crazy or Bluetooth?” game – played on your way to/from work whereby you try to decide if the person talking to themselves is crazy or on a Bluetooth headset. Pretty good track record on this one

·         The ability to source anything from anywhere – when the apocalypse strikes, I’m the one to know, as long as you want bouncy castles, photographers, online registration software, dubiously shaped cookies or giant clothing for mascots.

Skills that I appear to have lost

·         Any form of higher physics – I caught myself contemplating Maxwell’s Equations thinking “I used to know what to do with those upside down triangles”

·         Documentation – I have to source new software for my conferences as I’m about to inflict serious physical harm on the person who designed the stuff I inherited. I’ve totally forgotten how to draw up any form of requirements documentation whatsoever. I forgot that the ability to link into a credit card system was a fairly major need.

·         The ability to give a damn – maybe!!

See, I really need to be flying!

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