Sunday, 13 October 2013


So I’m heading out to Claremont solo, aiming to practice at the very least some slow flight and stalls. Hopefully a forced approach too. Bob’s aware that it’s been a few weeks, so reassures me that it’s ok to stay within my comfort level. The plan to just get out there and do some of this stuff.

During our circuits Bob and I have been taking note of some wispy stuff kicking around over the lake. We have a brief conversation that it doesn’t constitute “cloud” as you can see through it and keep reference to the ground, essential for VFR flying. I’m not unduly concerned, mildly pleased with myself that not only am I unconcerned by the fact that it throws you around a little as you get near it, I’m actually anticipating that effect and reacting accordingly.
As I climb out though, I notice I’m flying through more of the “wispy stuff” and in fact it is getting wispier. I level out briefly to avoid some heavier “wispy stuff” and take a brief glance around me.  I’m definitely above some “wispy stuff” and there appears to be more of it around. My heartrate quickens a little bit. ATC tell me to climb to 2500ft. I acknowledge as an almost automatic reaction.

Then I take a final look around me. I’m heading towards a layer of something. In fact I’m going to be above that layer of something. Something that I can no longer see the furthermost edge of.  I tell ATC that rather than climbing I actually need to descend.
ATC helpfully advise me to “remain VFR at all times”. Whilst contemplating this ever so helpful advice I make a split second decision. That something has a name. It’s called cloud and any second now I’m going to be above it.

Time to come home.

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