Thursday, 3 October 2013


It would seem that the shortfield practice from last lesson has paid off. During a full stop on 26, Bob chastised me for being a bit heavy on the brakes. Yep they were squealing a little bit but I saw an exit looming and was worried that I’d overshoot Foxtrot and have to take it all the way down to Bravo to exit. This isn’t a big deal necessarily but it’s a pain to have to cover that much distance just to drop off your instructor and to be honest; at nearly 4000ft, I’m spoiled for runway length and it is sloppy flying to rely on having that much to play with.

I lessened up on the brakes at Bob’s polite request (he may have been slapping my legs down the pedals at this point!) and swung it round to try and make the exit. I judged that I’d be able to make it fine if I took it a little wide.  I moved to point us in the right direction:
“Foxtrot, WMAP!”

“Huh?” I’m momentarily confused.
“That’s Charlie! Nice shortfield landing though”

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