Saturday, 5 October 2013


Same conference as last year. Different hotel, looks slightly better. So the burning question, what’s in this year’s goody bag? Last year’s was a bit of a mixed batch to be honest.

We have

·         A copy of the schedule – useful but unlike many people I am capable of both reading and printing out relevant emails

·         A copy of the industry mag <mild yawn>

·         A vaguely relevant article clipped from wall street journal

·         Notebook – quality much inferior to last year’s offering which still sits in my flight bag. It was a very useful size.

·         A slightly too small to be of any use industry branded plastic carrier bag – huh?

·         The same evil candy as last time – bleurgh!

·         A pen

·         Oooh, nice! Caramel chocolates. Yummy!

·         A mystery pink box- upon opening a frosted chocolate cup cake is revealed. Nice!

So how does it compare to last year? On the whole I’d say better on the consumables, not so good on the non-edibles.

STOP PRESS!!! On further examination there appears to be a 2GB USB stick lurking in the bottom of the bag. One of the useful ones that folds in and can sit on your key fob. I think I’ll up the rating a little based on this.


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