Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I did good!

Now that I’m happy with my decision to abort my flight let’s take a rare moment and review something I am 100% happy with!

I saw some marginal weather ahead
I knew that I had to do something about it

Despite accepting the clearance , I thought twice about climbing into it
I told ATC that I couldn’t comply and why.

I didn’t panic*
I knew I had to make a decision and quickly

I used reasonably good radio work to tell ATC what I needed
I didn’t panic*

I turned back and reoriented myself with regard to the course I needed to fly
I understood what ATC were telling me to do and where they wanted me to go

I didn’t panic*

I re-entered the circuit and flew a reasonable approach

I even had enough nerve to attempt a short field landing

I nailed that sucker!

I did good!



* I am immensely proud of this fact

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