Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Reinforcing stereotypes

Ok, so I’m afraid there is one stereotype that I feel I do actually conform to.

I can’t park

Seriously the flying is a doddle compared to trying to plonk the damn plane in a decent spot on the ground.  Most the time it is Ok, there’s either a dispatcher around to wave you in (yep bet you never thought you’d hear me being grateful for those stupid arm signals!) or there is the space right down the middle of the tie downs that you can at least dump the plane in until someone comes out and helps you shove it back into a space.
Yesterday was my worst nightmare, No convenient spaces to pull in to, an instructor and student in one plane obviously about to start her up , so couldn’t shove it in front of them and a guy right behind me.

Arghh! Dilemma, where to shut her down? I ended up pulling as close to the building as I could , to leave room for the guy behind me but kind of at an odd angle because I’d tried to make a corner turn and then realised that the wing tip clearance probably wasn’t going to allow it.
I went in to pay for my lesson and debrief with Bob (dunno where he had been hiding but was kind of relieved he didn’t witness my efforts)

After I’d paid up, the owner of the school was kicking around and asked how things were going. I mumbled something about maybe needing some help shifting JPM as there wasn’t a space available (He’s not always the most patient with mistakes and I seem to make my worst ones when he’s around,)
Then I ran away.

Problem solved!
I think Bob and his next student were in JPM, so they’ll probably have to deal with it.

Ah well, consider it payback for the sim echo you pulled on me.


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