Monday, 2 December 2013

Shake rattle and roll

I had an unsettled night on Friday. My mind was still racing through the concept that I may well be attempting my cross country flight the next day. Little things about it make me nervous like phoning through the flight plan and actually crunching the numbers for my journey log, getting it all done in time.

Which explains why I’d set the alarm for stupid o’clock in the morning.

All throughout the night I could hear the winds picking up. When they blow from just the right direction it makes our air vents rattle violently, making the winds seem fiercer than they actually are.

All night I listened to the winds howl, the condo shake and the vents rattle. This was not going to be a good forecast in the morning. I slept fitfully, semi dreaming my way through a theoretical flight. So strong were the images that I had to check I hadn’t actually texted Bob that there was a 65 knot crosswind! I swear while asleep I’d actually dreamed that the winds were that strong. I had dreamt the entire process of getting up, pulling up the live runway data and texting Bob! 

Luckily I hadn’t.

Still I was up early and on the phone to flight services, obviously a no go for the cross country. I let Bob know. It obviously wasn't a surprise to him, because he’d already got something up his sleeve.

More next time.

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