Monday, 30 December 2013

Mountains out of molehills.

(written Jan 10 2013)

One of my more practiced skills is the construction of the former from the latter. I seriously reckon that pretty much everyone has forgotten about the incident last week. Except me.

I was mildly surprised that I just got the standard phone call/ text from Bob with regard to this weekend’s lesson. Nothing mentioned at all. I don’t know what I was expecting maybe I feel I should be “punished” for what happened. Maybe everyone has realised that I don’t need them to do that. I’m doing an awesome job myself.
My aim for this weekend is just to do a solid flight and get that horrible mental picture of the edge of the runway out of my head. I’m nervous about the flight. I’m nervous about seeing people down the flight school. They probably have forgotten the whole thing ever happened. I haven’t.

This is how I screw up my own mental health. I hold onto things for decades after people have moved on. Not healthy. Time to put on the actress face. Breeze in, smile, like nothing ever happened. Because chances are no remembers anything ever did.
Except me*

*and of course Bob.

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