Friday, 27 December 2013

Considering my future.

(next in the series, written Jan 7 , 2013)

I wrote this post on January 7 2013. It’ll probably be long past that now.  I’ve waited a considerable time before posting this because the issue became more controversial than I anticipated.

Basically there was an incident involving some wake turbulence that left me really rattled. I happened to be filming it. I posted the video on YouTube for many reasons.

1.       I wanted Bob to see it , to talk me through what had actually happened

2.       I wanted other pilots to see what “caution wake turbulence” actually means

3.       I wanted ATC people to see it to understand what can happen when a light aircraft gets too close to a larger one.

The following are NOT reasons that I posted it

1.       To show off

2.       To look cool

3.       To advocate that other people should try it.

Shortly after the incident I got a phone call, the crux of which was that various people “requested” that I take down the video in case people interpreted it as encouraging the above reasons. I complied. I’m not sure they had the right to ask, but at the end of the day it’s their playpen. They don’t have to let me fly their planes. They don’t have to train me. So I decided it was a battle for another day.
I am concerned about the other part of the phone call, where the word ”investigation” was mentioned. Another pilot had obviously filed some kind of report. The nature of which was unknown to me at the time. I had no idea of the scale, scope or possible consequences.
I won’t lie. I’m scared. For a  number of reasons. In no particular order:

·         I’m scared that someone’ll figure out that I really shouldn’t be flying*

·         I’m scared that Bob is going to cop some sh#t for this

·         I’m scared that the flying school will as well

·         I’m scared that the above two points will lead to my relationship with them both deteriorating (perhaps beyond repair)

I’m considering all my options at the moment, which yes, do include quitting.
By the time I post this, I’ll have made a decision one way or the other, this post will help explain how I got there.

* I always have that little voice in my head that tells me " this really isn't for you WMAP, just give up now" 

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