Thursday, 12 December 2013


Flying is full of acronyms. We use them for anything. The title of this post is one IM SAFE*







All factors which influence your ability to fly safely. It’s kind of a personal checklist you should run through every time you set foot in that plane. It’s a useful reminder. I never touch alcohol for at least 12 hours before a flight, I don’t fly with a cold or anything like that. I always eat and usually take a pre-flight snack down with me as well. I try not to let outside factors creep into the cockpit, lateness stresses me so I always arrive in plenty of time for a flight, even if it means sitting around for an hour or so.

It’s Thursday at the moment and already I’m starting to run through my mental checklist before the weekend.


Except I’m not sure that I am.

I’m really tired. Late evenings at the office combined with a massive event last weekend that saw me working until the small hours of the morning have left me fatigued.

The weather looks marginal. Time to call a stop to this now. I text Bob to let him know. I mean I’m not in danger of falling asleep behind the controls or anything but I’m tired and irritable. I’m not going to achieve anything meaningful up there. Better I recognise this now.

It’s a good positive decision. Safety is always your top concern and I don’t feel any pressure to fly just for the sake of it. I’m confident enough in my abilities that a week isn’t going to make much difference.

I’ve got some vacation time coming up and if the weather cooperates I may sneak a couple of flights in.

IM SAFE, snug here on the ground with my textbooks.

*for those of you who thought I’d missed the apostrophe.

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