Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Who broke the weather?

The ceilings were looking a little marginal for my last flight, probably not good enough for upper airwork but probably ok for diversions and forced approaches and the like.

I wasn’t too concerned. I quite fancied some low level diversion practice. RTH describes a flight where the ceilings were dropping and he was limping along the shoreline at just over 500AGL as one of the most fun lessons he’s ever had.

Mindful of the fact that the airport has its own little microclimate, I keep a close eye on the weather conditions to the East and West as well as the North, to get an idea of what might be heading my way.
The other local weather stations were reporting about what I’d expect but I did a little double take at the fact that Muskoka to the North was reporting Limited IFR conditions*.

Intrigued, I pulled up the METAR/TAF and laughed out loud

I think the station may have been a little broken! No Tornadoes around here.

On a similar vein my Weather Network App for my phone appears to be stuck on last Friday’s weather and keeps warning me of “Severe thunderstorms in the vicinity”

*The tags on the METAR app I use aren't strictly ICAO standard but generally IFR means visibility below 3 miles or a low cloud base. LIFR means you can't see your hand in front of you.

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