Thursday, 4 September 2014

Getting ready

During my break from flying I have occasionally* been heard to complain that I wanted to be flying and that I wanted to be flying somewhere, not just pottering around doing airwork. To the extent that ever since Bob returned from vacation I’ve been pretty much stalking my phone waiting for him to contact me to book our next flight.

Eventually he sends me the text enquiring, rather teasingly, what my plans for the weekend are. My fingers can’t text fast enough to tell him in no uncertain terms that I want to be flying ASAP.

So now that I’m potentially back in the air, I’m taking a moment to reflect on my end goal. Obviously I want to get my PPL, and soon. So what is standing between me and that coveted bit of paper?

As usual the answer is, me!

I have no excuses now. At some point during the past couple of years I have carried out every manoeuvre needed to PPL standards. Now I just have to string them together without making any stupid mistakes. And if (when?) I do make mistakes I need to recover from them and carry on flying in a safe and professional manner. Instilling confidence rather than fear in my examiner.

I know I can do this, I have done this.

And that’s all I need to do.

So what’s the problem?

I honestly don’t know. Maybe I just need to keep my focus better (I’m very easily distracted!). Maybe I just need to believe in myself more. I keep getting this thought running through my head, it’s become more vocal again since I started looking back at my earliest blog posts. I just keep thinking that “people like me don’t do stuff like this.” But then again, the one thing this learning to fly malarkey has done is make me re-evaluate what “people like me” actually means.

Maybe, just maybe, a little more focus, a little more belief and a little less fear and I’ll be ready.

I hope so.

*for "occasionally" read "every single time the conditions look passable for flying" 

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