Monday, 1 September 2014

Seven years

Today marks the seven year anniversary of us moving into our beautiful condo with its magnificent views.

There’s a flying link to this anniversary. So bear with me for a moment.

As I’ve mentioned before we moved to Canada with no jobs, nowhere to live and a hazy idea of what our future entailed. Our first obstacle was finding somewhere to reside.

Not realising that we were looking at the busiest time of the year (university students going back to school) we engaged a local realtor to help us. At the time we were staying with people we had literally met once before on a recce trip, initially we had found each other on the internet. Luckily they didn’t turn out to be axe murderers!

After a week or so of frustration; nothing in our chosen area or in our price range, we were probably in danger of outstaying our welcome and were contemplating short term furnished rentals for a while.

Until we found this place. It took a little wheeling and dealing (we had no jobs and no credit history) but once I walked in and saw the view, I knew it would take something very special to get me out of here.

We signed up for a year, the idea being that we’d take a year to see how jobs and stuff panned out and if the area worked for us.

Six and a bit years later, we were still here! It seemed like every day I found something else to appreciate about the place and RTH had learned to live with my constant commentary as to what was going on at the airport.

So what’s the aviation content here then. Well we moved in on the Labour Day weekend which marks the end of the Canadian National Exhibition at Ontario Place. The culmination of which is the Toronto International Airshow.

Blissfully unaware of this I was happily cleaning the kitchen in preparation for moving in, I heard a reasonably loud noise and looked up to see the Canadian Snowbirds flying past the window.
Slightly below balcony level.

That was one hell of a welcome for sure.

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