Sunday, 28 September 2014

Checking in

What I normally do straight after entering a new hotel room

  • Spend 5 minutes getting the random placement of light switches and the bulbs they control straight in my head
  • Set aircon to its lowest possible temperature
  • Pull back curtains to reveal what is inevitably a disappointing view of the hotels aircon units
  • Bash my head on those stupid plastic things dangling from the curtains
  • Spend 5 minutes trying to prod the Wifi into action
  • check whether that is a fridge or a minibar
  • open every single drawer on the off chance something interesting might be lurking inside

What I didn’t have to do this time
  • Spend 10 minutes looking for an available power outlet. Someone has stuck a strip adapter to the side of the nightstand, crude but effective.

What I did have to do this time

  • Unscrew the back of the alarm clock. It was set at the wrong time; I think it is meant to auto pick up the time signal. It wasn’t and the hotel had, for some reason, screwed a plate over the buttons that allow you to alter it manually. Once I’d prodded the wifi into life, a quick search pulled up the user manual and a nail file took care of the screws.

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