Saturday, 20 September 2014

Head in the cockpit syndrome.

Couldn’t really argue with Bob when he accused me of suffering with this today. I knew my situational awareness and general looking outside the damn window skills were shot to hell today.

Whilst secretly proud of the fact that I managed to use my E6b whilst flying the plane and give a sensible revised ETA using it, I knew my altitude control suffered as a result.

On a similar vein, although my steep turn executed as a part of the HASEL was flawlessly executed, I was instrument watching the entire time. Which kind of makes a little bit of a mockery of the “lookout” bit really.

Rooky mistakes abounded, like my seeming inability to remember to make the required position calls in the practice area, seemingly wilfully neglecting the “communicate” bit in the holy trinity of “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.” And I guess in a way I was, ever mindful of my ability to get distracted and focus on the wrong thing, I recalled the adage “don’t drop the plane to fly the mike.”

But I over compensated, I need to find a little corner of my brain that can spare the capacity to make those position calls as well. RTH had a great tip, once I confessed the issues I’d experienced on the flight, he made the suggestion of using position calls to buy yourself some time.  Want a few seconds to catch your breath? Then, make a position call. For me it’ll get my head out of the cockpit, looking around to see exactly where I am, It’ll slow me down and allow me to take stock of my situation and I’ll remember to make those calls. 

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