Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Found this lurking in the archives.....


My “headset hair” issue has reached epic proportions.

I hate messing with my hair and will delay the inevitable as long as possible but the inch wide root stripe complete with grey hairs is getting to be too obvious.

The length has gotten silly as well. I’m luck in that my chosen cut (I am reluctant to grace it with the title “style) will hold a number of lengths and still look passable. When it’s first cut it looks neat and respectable, as it gets longer and has a little more weight pulling it down, it tends to get a little more tousled.  To a point it’s okay, I can do that cool moody thing and hide half my face behind it in meetings. That way people can’t seem me rolling my eyes at the latest corporate BS.

Now it is simply too long and too obviously unkempt I’m going to have to give in and visit my stylist.
Which begs the question “what colour?”

It’s no secret that I can barely remember what my natural colour is.  Even when the dye fades the base has been sufficiently bleached that it ranges from orange to blonde at the very tips if I let it grow out that much. It’s also no secret that my original path along the road to permanently dyed hair started as an “eff you” to my previous employers in the UK who had strange ideas about dress codes and the implementation of in general. After witnessing a highly talented colleague lose a particularly pointless battle on said subject I carefully read our so called code and noticed that there was indeed nothing about hair colour mentioned.
 The next day I came into work with purple hair.

And so the trend has continued. Although I tend towards the magentas and oranges now. It’s just kind of become my “thing”. I don’t wear makeup or sport high fashion designer clothes. I just do stupid stuff with my hair colour. Occasionally it is a reflection of how p!ssed off I am at work. Magenta means I’m really annoyed. More subdued means I’m either OK or want to stay below the radar.

So what colour to pick?

I kind of like the magenta but it fades like a bitch. I am kind of annoyed at work at the moment. The usual underappreciated and under paid stuff that I always feel this time of year. There’s the usual end of year shuffling going on as well that sends everyone into a frenzy of rumour and speculation. I’m happy to sit out the craziness on that one this year. So maybe a lower profile is needed?

On the other hand it is summer and standards are allowed to lapse a little once the students have finished.  Our place is very big on “standards” and I’m afraid it is in my nature to push the boundaries a little!

Then again the magenta is itchy.

First world problems huh? The sad thing is that I wrote this months ago and I honestly don't remember what colour I ended up with.

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