Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I’ve got a few new readers, to save you going back through the archives here is a brief rundown of what ya need to know about me and this.

Me: I go by many names, World’s Most Anxious Person aka WMAP. Local Flight East aka LFE or occasionally my real name. By no means a natural pilot.  Mildly neurotic. Permanently terrified.

RTH: My Ridiculously Talented Husband. He’s already got his PPL and is nibbling away at his night rating. He’s always wanted to learn to fly. He tricked me into taking my first lesson. The previous sentence may or may not be true.

Bob:  instructor extraordinaire. If it’s RTH’s fault that I started this, it’s Bob’s that I carried on. Took someone who could barely stand being in a plane and made her into someone who could fly one.  Took someone who still gets lost in her own neighbourhood and gave her the tools to be able to navigate a cross country flight.  I cause him far more hassle than he deserves to put up with.

Other random initials:  People from work/flying/life in general. I seem to know a lot of people whose names start with A. Dunno why.

The story so far:
I was going to take enough lessons to be able to sit next to RTH without screaming when he flew. I didn’t stop (flying that is, not screaming). Eventually I ended up flying the plane on my own, somehow. Then I managed to do a 3 hour, two stop flight on my own without getting too drastically lost. I haven’t damaged a plane yet.  I’m still full of angst. Most the time in the air I make really good decisions. Occasionally on the ground I make some really stupid ones. My specialty is getting lost on taxiways.

This blog:
I started this blog to document my journey. It’s helped me keep track of my progress. It reminds me of how far I’ve come. It lets my family connect with what I’m doing. I’d like for it to help other students. I’m ruthlessly honest in it. This probably makes me look less skillful than other students. The fact is I’m just more truthful.

The future:
Despite never thinking I could achieve it, I will get my PPL eventually. I have no ambitions beyond that at the moment. I’d like to get it and enjoy it. Preferably with RTH. I have a feeling we are going to make a great team in the cockpit!

Oh  and yeah, please read this disclaimer. It’s important.

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