Saturday, 10 May 2014

Champagne and Shwarma

In a belated celebration last night, my good friend K came over to help me drink the bottle of bubbly that has been in the fridge in anticipation of me completing my epic cross country.

I love talking flying with K, she asks questions which shows she’s genuinely interested and she’s clever enough to understand the answers. She’s not a massive fan of flying and my YouTube videos fascinate and horrify her in equal measures.

In being a good hostess it appears that I’ve discovered another, previously unknown skill. Up until this point opening any kind of sparkling wine has been RTHs domain. I hate "poppy" bottles. I don’t like the fact that they go “bang!” without warning. Well RTH wasn’t home, so here I am with a bottle of decent fizzy and a thirsty guest.

Hesitantly I removed the wire cage. The bottle didn’t immediately explode in my face, so far so good. I placed a cloth over the cork and recalled vaguely reading something about twisting the bottle rather than the cork.

Yep it works, with a discreet pop the bottle opened, the contents remaining inside. Probably a little more proud than the occasion called for but it seemed appropriate to celebrate one achievement by accomplishing something new!

We accompanied our champagne with a cheap and cheerful meal from the local Greek takeaway.
Champagne, Shwarma and good company.

A good way to celebrate

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