Monday, 13 January 2014

Worth the wait.

So I’ve bitched a lot about the weather and the lack of flying recently. I wasn’t optimistic for this weekend on the long range forecast; we are back into unsettled winter weather. Temperatures swinging wildly which brings various types of precipitation and / or fog.

A text conversation with Bob confirmed my take on the weather. If we were going to have any chance of getting airborne it was going to be Sunday. Saturday looking to be a damp, miserable write-off.  Bob’s assessment was slightly more poetic, leading me to ask (perhaps a little unkindly) “are you high?”

As predicted Saturday was so badly fog bound that you literally couldn’t see that there was a world outside our condo windows, good call so far.

Sunday arrived, the weather not without its challenges but long story short, it was totally worth the wait. It has been six weeks really since I did any decent flying, other than a quick few laps round the circuit­­­­­. I was concerned about degradation of my skills, but I needn’t have been. That was, without question, the best flying I’ve done so far.

Worth the wait for sure.

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