Sunday, 19 January 2014


Another text from Bob and another flight planned. A subtle change in language though.

Not “We have a flight at 9:30”
Not “We have a lesson at 9:30”
Not even “I’ll meet you at 9:30”

Nope, just a straight forward “you have a plane booked from 9:30, keep an eye on the weather”

In other words, “there’s your plane, you know what you need to do. So just do it!”

This kind of excites me actually. Yet another step along the road to being in charge. A gentle nudge towards the full responsibilities of being PIC.

And while I’m a little nervous about making the call weather-wise (apologies in advance to flight services!), I’m reasonably confident that I can make good decisions whilst I’m up there. In my head I’m already going through alternative airports if the weather closes in from the west (Oshawa’s a good bet).

After all I’ve been caught out in unexpected cloud once before and made the right call.  I’ve encountered tricky winds on landing and done completely the right thing by overshooting multiple times until I got the feel for the conditions.

I’m getting a lot more comfortable around the edges  of that flight envelope now, but I’m also cautious enough that I’m not going to do anything stupid.

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