Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Resolutions in review

I posted a list of resolutions this time last year, let’s see how I did.

1)      I will view at least one METAR report every day and decode it from the raw feed.
Okay I kind of did this. I am much better at decoding METARS and TAFS but I will still default to “decoded” whenever I have the chance

2)      I will attempt my PPL written exam by the end of February
This is the worst one of all, STILL haven’t sat it. More about that in another post. I am very close though

3)      I will have more confidence in my own abilities. I can do this
This one I’ve been VERY successful in. I have so much more faith in myself. Fear has been replaced by a cautious optimism that one day I’ll get that elusive PPL.

4)      I will continue to video all my flights and review them afterwards
Yep, still do this, still watch them. Still find them useful

5)      I will attempt to get rid of all my irritating little verbal quirks  that lead to a less than professional demeanour in the cockpit.
Nope, Still just as bad as ever. I laugh inappropriately, I curse Bob out for pulling unexpected stuff on me. I really need to work on this.

6)      I will enjoy myself!
This I am succeeding in. I love flying and miss being in the air. I’m getting good at it, unbelievably!

7)      I will stop being so hard on myself. I’m no better or worse than any other student.
This has been maybe the biggest area of improvement. I’ve lost the “imposter syndrome” attitude and actually feel like I belong in the plane. Some things I’m good at, other things need work. I will get there

8)      I will continue to fly as often as I can manage (and afford)
I aim to fly every weekend, sometimes in the summer we get flights in after work. On the odd occasion work gets in the way but usually it is the weather that fails to cooperate. Sometimes I’ve cancelled due to illness but I’ve never cancelled a flight because I was afraid and I think that was the purpose behind that resolution.

9)   I will continue to bore my friends with blow by blow accounts of every lesson! Sorry!!
I’ve come to know which of my friends are genuinely interested and how much detail they can handle. The math department for example was fascinated by my E6b. E ran away screaming from it.

10)   I will continue to blog
Every day!! Thanks for reading

Overall I reckon that’s 8 ½ out of 10, so say 85%. Incidentally a score like that would easily see me pass my written exam!

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