Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not my job.

At work this morning, walked into a scene of utter carnage. Someone has obviously had a bit of an issue with the photocopier. I think the cartridge has exploded. There is toner EVERYWHERE.

Copier toner is evil stuff. I’m seriously surprised that no one has tried to weaponise it.  The stuff coats anything that gets in its way and is almost impossible to get off. When fixing the copier was my job, it would inevitably wait until I was wearing any white item of clothing before needing attention.

People used to laugh at me, I took the war against the copier in our building seriously. There was no way that sucker was ever going to win. Calling the service centre was an admission of failure as far as I was concerned. I used to carry a flashlight and screwdriver in my purse in order to be able to fix it. I guess only I could turn copier fixing into a competitive sport, but after today I’m kinda glad that’s not my job anymore!

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