Monday, 20 January 2014


It’s blatantly obvious that my outlook has changed drastically, no real surprise there. I didn’t realise just how much though until I started replaying my first phone conversation of the year with Bob back in my head.

With the fairly brutal weather that’s hit at the moment, I’m resigned to the fact that my cross country isn’t going to happen any time soon. There’s nothing that I can do about that. I summed it up to Bob that “this is meant to be the most exciting flight I ever do, let’s make sure that I can enjoy it.” Bob is in total agreement and we both know where my flying needs to be heading at the moment. If I can’t get the cross country in then I need to start looking at the flight test standards. I’d come to this conclusion independently, before Bob even mentioned it.

This is a huge leap if you think back to the person who wasn’t convinced she could ever solo let alone pass her flight test.

The plan at the moment is simple. We alternate dual and solo flights. Each dual flight we’ll pick some air exercises, I’ll make myself familiar with the test standards. We’ll practice them until I know what’s expected and when I solo, I’ll do the same exercises. Repeat with the next set of air work and so on.

I’m happy with this as a plan of action. I’m happy that I’ll be achieving something. I know it sounds odd but I’m proud of the fact that I’m moving beyond my initial goal of “not being scared” and now have reached a place where I’m in danger of being mistaken for a competent pilot!

It may never come as easily as it does to some. I may never be the most smooth or natural pilot but there is the real possibility that within the next 6 months I’ll become a fully licensed one!  

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