Tuesday, 21 January 2014

As advertised.

Despite months of procrastination, I am actually getting off my backside and working towards the  PPL written exam!

The exam itself is in 4 sections: Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation and General Knowledge. You need to get 60% overall as well as 60% in each of the individual sections in order to pass.

To sit the exam I need a letter of recommendation from the flight school. To get this I need to sit a practice exam at the school and get 80% overall. With a little nudging from Bob and RTH I bit the bullet and attempted one last week down at the flight school.

It was tough, mainly because they deliberately try to trick you and sometimes I fall into the traps. After I sat it I reported my progress to both Bob and RTH as “I think if it had been the actual exam I would have passed but I don’t think I’ve done well enough to get the recommendation.”

Bob marked it before today’s flight and yeah, that’s exactly how I’d done. Hovering around the 65-70% mark, there were a mixture of questions I genuinely didn’t know and should, ridiculously obscure questions and questions that had both Bob and I howling at the injustice of them.

Overall I’m on an upward trend. I’ll try another and see how that goes. I’m okay with where I’m at. Every time I sit a paper I’m alerted to a new and exciting way they try and trip you up, so more attempts could turn out to be better in the long term.  

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