Monday, 25 November 2013

The key’s the key

Another attempt at a forced approach, another miss. Overshot this time. Waaaay too high for the chosen field. My problem is readily apparent. I’ve gotten good at choosing a field, where I have plenty to pick from I go for one that is visually obvious to stop me losing track of it. What I don’t do is pick out my key point to assist with planning my approach. The idea is that you plan your approach to a field just as you would fly a circuit at an airport. You pick a “key point” at the place where you’d normally turn base. The idea is that you should be at 1000ft above the field at this point. If you are too high, you widen out a bit, too low and you tighten it up.

Without that key, it’s totally hit and miss as to whether you make the field. I didn’t this time. Did on the second attempt but that totally doesn’t count.
Bob was generous enough to point out all the things I do well now; picking the field, nailing the approach speed, cause checks, engine warming and mayday call. None of these secondary things matter though if you don’t meet the primary goal. LAND THE DAMN PLANE.

Apparently the forced approach is the most commonly failed flight test time. Hey, if I'm gonna fail I at least want to do it in a new fun and exciting way!

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