Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Airborne Origami

Despite the predicted weather, I’m planning as if my flight is going ahead tomorrow. So far here’s what I’ve done to prep

·         Used a fresh new shiny chart and redrawn my route on it, complete with checkpoints and 10 degree drift lines
·         Filled in all the flight planning log that I can, headings, distances etc. can be done the night before. Pretty much all else depends on weather, winds and so on
·         Wrote out script cards for all my radio calls, one set of cards for each leg. I know that radio calls don’t always go as planned but at least I’ll have a rough idea of who I should be talking to and when
·         Drawn out the approaches for each runway, esp. at Peterborough where I’m nervous about the overhead join procedures for 09 in particular.
·         Cut my chart into something more manageable. Don’t hate me for this but aerial origami was never my strong point so I chopped off a large portion on my chart that was totally superfluous. I’ve got an unchopped chart available if needed
·         Arranged everything in the correct place on my kneeboard
·         Packed my flight bag so that I don’t forget anything in the morning
·         Set my watch to UTC (Zulu) time
Now I’m just in the process of charging my spare batteries for my camera. All that remains now is to get up in the morning and see what’s going on.

Added later : About an hour later we cancel :(


  1. I have a solution for your airplane origami problem. RTH.