Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sometimes I wonder

If Bob is actually in the same plane that I am. Today’s flight wasn’t a disaster but it wasn’t exactly ideal. My instrument work took me some time to get into, my forced approach missed on the first attempt and my diversion got off to a rocky start although admittedly it got much better, with me being pretty much on course. My pitiful attempts to locate where I was after emerging from the hood was, well exactly that, pitiful. How anyone can fail to notice Lake Ontario is beyond me.

Bob must have a slightly different view on proceedings though. After our debrief, I braced myself for the inevitable “we need to work on ….. before your cross country.”
Hmm apparently not , Bob said  “next flight we have options, you can either go up and do some more solo airwork or we can aim for the cross country. Your choice.”

Obviously the fact that Bob thought I’d done well enough to be let loose on the wider flying community must have temporarily knocked out my sense because it would seem that I simply replied “let’s go for it”
What have I done?!!!!

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