Saturday, 23 November 2013

The blink of an eye

The original plan this weekend was dual cross country on Saturday, solo on Sunday.
By Tuesday it became readily apparent that this was not going to happen, weatherwise we were probably going to get one good day at the most. We amended our plans to attempt the dual section only on Sunday, which was looking to be the better of the two days. Even this looked iffy to be honest.

While ideally I would do my solo flight the day after, Bob wasn’t too concerned. He thinks that the fact I tape my flights and can review the route over and over again (how well he knows me and my obsessive tendencies!)

Initially I woke upon Saturday morning to blue skies and calm winds. I seriously thought that I’d made a bad call. Had we been too pessimistic? By the time I was drinking my morning cup of tea , the winds had picked up and the skies were getting darker. By the time RTH had headed out to the supermarket, well I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Taken at roughly 10:00am local time at 5 minute intervals, from the window of our condo.
The snow starts, the runway is the strip of land visible between and beyond the buildings
white out
snow on the ground
snow? what snow?

Stuff changes in a blink of an eye here and that’s why flying in marginal forecast conditions is so dangerous. I have a suspicion that I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow.

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