Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just waiting it out.

I need one predictable, if not perfect day at the weekend in order to get at least one bit of my cross country saga out of the way. So I’m stuck at the mercy of the weather. This weekend has all the hallmarks of last weekend’s weather patterns, so not looking hopeful there. I never anticipated feeling this way, but I really like flying and I miss it when I’m not doing it.

For a long time my motivation was simple, I got an amazing sense of achievement from each and every lesson and this kept me motivated to carry on and achieve more. That’s still true to some degree but the simple fact is now, I really enjoy flying. I like being in the plane. I want to be there. My tentative future plans involve a lot of flying (and probably not a lot of spare cash!)

Now I’m just kinda tired. I’m tired of explaining to non-flyers as to why I’m not getting up there much at the moment. Concepts such as not being able to fly through cloud baffle them. The fact that that beautiful sunny clear day was accompanied by a 35 knot crosswind eludes them. They don’t get it and I suspect they think I’m making some of this stuff up, making excuses. Honestly though, if I could get some flying in I would.

I really want to be up there but I’m stuck waiting it out. This sucks.

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