Saturday, 9 November 2013

Spotted the issue

Well at least one of them. I was reviewing my latest flight and I think I’ve spotted one of my big problems.

I was watching the video footage, mostly of my approach into city and then the resulting circuits after the overshoots. I noticed a really major thing.
I’m really impatient.

It is almost a complete turnaround from when I just couldn’t get ahead of the plane. Now I’m almost too far in front of it. I’m probably not explaining this too well. Let me give you an example of what I observed on the way back into City’s zone.
I‘m 2500ft , descending to 2000ft as required. I spot Bluffer’s in the distance, Ok time to think about getting the ATIS. I switch to that frequency and pull out the squelch knob on the radio to pick up the signal more clearly. I get the ATIS. Right, it’s a little early to switch to Tower, so let’s go back to the practice area frequency. Hmm, don’t hear anything; I fiddle with the volume a little bit. No nothing. Maybe I should switch to tower now?  So I switch to Tower, pull out the squelch, push it back in when I realise that the signal is clear enough.

I’m constantly messing with things because I won’t just sit back and fly the plane.
Same on my circuits, the reasons for my overshoots were not helped by the fact that I was turning downwind to base and then base to final, too early. My mind is planning out the fact that I need to do something soon, so I go ahead and do it because I’m too impatient to wait.

This is getting to be a little bit of a personal theme at the moment. I’m just not willing to wait for things. I’ve written posts bemoaning the fact that other people are overtaking me and the general internet-based consensus is “So what? Enjoy the journey” And whilst I know they are right my natural impetuousness is becoming an issue.
At one point in my training it was a positive advantage. I was so eager to be allowed out of the circuit on my own that I really focussed on doing what I needed to do to achieve that goal. Bob had me wanting it more than my nerves wanted me to stop.  But now I’m starting to think it’s becoming a problem.

So I’m dialling it back a little. I’m taking this weekend off flying and spending some quality time with RTH. I just need to take some breathing space and rein myself back in.


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