Friday, 22 November 2013

Once is not enough

I think one of the things that is bothering me about this whole cross country lark is the leap from dual to solo.

I’m actually looking forward to the dual flight with Bob. I’m looking forward to visiting new airports and seeing new scenery and generally just flying without having to worry about stalls and forced approaches and other nasties that Bob likes to randomly spring on me.  Bob’s good company as well so it has the potential to be a really fun flight.
But I can’t help remembering the number of times that I went dual to the practice area before I felt comfortable going out there on my own. I just can’t see how I’m going to repeat the cross country after a single practice journey.

Bob is confident that I will manage, he says that the fact I’m videoing it will help as well as I can review it over and over again. In fact he’s not even worried if I don’t get to do the solo part immediately after the dual.
I have no idea where he gets this confidence from.

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