Sunday, 15 September 2013


I knew exactly what was expected of me today. I had to do a couple of dual circuits with Bob because the weather has seen me fall out of the flight schools currency requirements for solo students. After that it was solo to the practice area for slow flight and stalls. Building up the solo time.

Conditions were pretty good, the cooler weather means that density altitude isn’t so much of an issue, there was a not insignificant crosswind but the skies were clear. Winds were roughly from 200 degrees, so during our dual time Bob and I experimented with both runway 24 and 26, giving me the option of picking either on my way back. I dropped Bob off and headed out to Claremont.
On my return, I shut down the various systems and Bob stuck his head in the passenger door to ask me how it went. Honest as usual, I admitted that I’m still struggling with the slow flight. The stalls were OK and the conditions were a bit bumpy but nothing I couldn’t handle. We briefly discussed my landing (not my best but good crosswind corrections), “So good flight then?” Bob asked.

I pondered this for a moment and said “I guess it was….uneventful?”
Looking back though, there are a lot worse things than an “uneventful” flight. I should totally embrace the “uneventfulness”!

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