Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Are we there yet?

When I initially started flying, I quite enjoyed the little jaunt out to Claremont*. The time allowed me to settle down and shove my fear down to the pit of my stomach rather than it sitting on my chest. It wasn’t wasted time by any stretch of the imagination, when just flying straight and level was an immense achievement, any time you spend doing just that is time well spent.

The trouble is now I can actually fly a plane, I’m more and more conscious of the fact that it actually takes time to get out to a place where I can do my airwork. And the truth is the more confident I get with the basic flying, the further away Claremont seems to get.
Today, I got a little, I wouldn’t say bored, maybe a little impatient on the way out there. Once I realised there wasn’t really anyone else kicking around I decided to work SW rather than my initially planned NE, just because it was closer.

I shouldn’t really complain. It all counts as solo time and the plan now is to spend some of my dual time with Bob getting some instrument practice in under the hood.

* in as much as I can say I "enjoyed" any of it, maybe "was grateful for" is a better line

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