Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First find your plane!

Always a little embarrassing when you stride confidently out to the apron; flight bag on your shoulder, clipboard in one hand, cushions in the other and realise that you can’t find your plane!

Usually in the summer most of the planes are out on the apron, for some reason today JES was still in the hanger. Once I’d located and preflighted her, I went to get Bob to query a dodgy fuel gauge. Despite the tank being brimmed full; the gauge was showing zero fuel. Apparently this isn’t uncommon when the tank is over full. Good to know for future reference.
While we were shuffling planes around in the hanger, Bob and I were joking around. He made some kind of  comment that I chose to take mock-offence at. “Remember,” I pointed out “I don’t need you in the plane anymore. I’d watch myself up there if I were you!”

As Bob went to get in the plane it took me a minute to realise I hadn’t released the latch on his side, meaning he couldn’t get in. “See I told you I didn’t need you in here,” I joked!
Don’t mess with WMAP the pilot!

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