Sunday, 1 September 2013

The big one

After today’s flight Bob and I grabbed a few minutes to chat while his next student took charge of JES and did their walkround. Today’s flight was good. I was happy and relaxed, although still hot and sweaty (I hate the sticky humidity here).

Now Bob had mentioned cross country flying in passing before. I knew it was next on our list of things to conquer but it is getting VERY close. As I write this post it is the start of September, Bob aims to have me complete the big one, my three-airport-more-than-100NM-qualifying-cross-country flight, by mid-October!

That is both a little scary and incredibly exhilarating. I am so psyched for this right now. I know that I’m not there yet but the truly exciting thing is that I feel that I will be. For perhaps the first time in my flying life I reckon I might actually be able to do this.
Bob has absolute faith in me that I’m going to manage this just fine. He was very quick to point out that I have a good handle on numbers; I’m methodical, logical and have good decision making skills. That’s the basics as far as he is concerned. Anything else can be taught.

In my heart I know that the key to all this is going to be having faith in my own planning and not second guessing myself.
The plan is to start looking at this gradually. Starting by just taking out the charts and taking a look, at the route then week by week we will start pulling the planning apart and breaking it down into the steps I’ll need to do for the flight itself.

Eventually the hope is that we find a good weekend and do the flight dual one day and solo the next.
I’m grinning as I write this, going to be fun for sure. Possibly I will do some posts based on the planning and lead up to the flight itself.

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