Saturday, 28 September 2013

I fought the plane…. And I won this time!

The weather has started to take a turn towards the autumnal. Personally I’m Ok with this, not being a fan of hot humid weather. The winds are starting to turn a little funky though, today the swung right round from the north in the morning to SSW by the time I got airborne. They weren’t too gusty on the ground but were blowing a little harder once airborne.

My dual circuits with Bob were fine and I headed out on my own. Once enroute I realised that the plane was fighting just a little, not quite going where I pointed it and shaking around just a little. Once upon a time I would have started panicking and wondering what I was doing wrong. Now I quickly realised that it wasn’t me, just the winds aloft.  Despite the fact that the plane was indeed fighting, I was winning. I was holding my altitude within the limits I needed to and was holding my course. All was well.
Although at the time I was a little unsettled; looking back I handled it well. I flew the plane within the parameters I needed to. And that’s all a pilot can do!

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