Friday, 13 September 2013


….or more accurately contacts, of the lens variety. For a little while I’ve had mild suspicions that my eyesight wasn’t as sharp as it has been. Nothing dangerous, I mean my medical is only just over a year old and I could pass the vision test just fine for it. I had to do all the vision test stuff three times over. Once with no corrective lenses, once with my contact lenses and a final time with my incredibly old dug-out-of-some-dusty-corner-of my room glasses.

However, the world wasn’t appearing quite as defined as I remember it being and very occasionally I struggle to remember if I’ve taken my lenses out at night, which means the difference between with and without isn’t as pronounced as it should be. I also noticed that Bob is much better at traffic spotting than I am. It could just be experience but I wanted to cover all my bases here.
I waited until I had pretty much exhausted my current supply of lenses and bit the bullet and headed to the optometrist. BTW I pretty much loath other people playing around with my eyes, even though I happily shove pieces of plastic in them myself. This is partly due to one optometrist a few years ago deciding to invert my upper eyelid without warning me. I nearly punched his lights clean out!

Anyways my optometrist confirmed my suspicions that, yes indeed, my prescription has altered somewhat. Her description of my vision issues were spot on when she asked me if the world looked “soft”.
As suspected the mild astigmatism I have has reached the stage where it actually needs correcting, probably I’m noticing it more because I need my vision to be good for flying. So for the first time ever I’ve had to resort to Toric Lenses. They feel a little weird, although I’m not sure how much of that is the slight soreness from just the general poking around that my eyes have been through today.

I do know that the world looks really BIG at the moment!

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