Saturday, 21 September 2013


After this conversation with RTH, it suddenly dawned on me. I can fly a plane. Let me say that again…



Now to those of you who have followed my ramblings for a while you may well ask yourselves what the hell I thought I was doing, if I’ve only just come to that realisation. Okay so I’m not flight test ready yet, but all that means is that I need more practice. I can get a plane in the air, point it where I want it to go, get it back down in one piece and not annoy too many people when I’m up there.

If that isn’t the definition of “flying a plane,” then I don’t know what is!

1 comment:

  1. This realization is probably the most important aspect of learning to fly because your whole approach to getting your license changes. For example thoughts like, "I don't think I can manage this," change into, "I am making a command decision, and its a no go." Once you stop second guessing your ability flying gets a whole lot easier.