Sunday, 29 September 2013

A certain degree of optimism

Regarding my upcoming cross country. After this post where I realised that I can indeed fly a plane, it occurred to me that during my cross country that’s all I really need to do.

I’ve rapidly come to appreciate that now it isn’t the flying that stresses me out at the moment; it’s practicing the airwork, the stalls and slow flight etc. Well guess what? During my cross country I’m actively discouraged from doing any of the aforementioned manoeuvres!

I know that the navigation is going to be challenging but I’ve taken a quick look and it looks, well, doable really. I mean it is the standard route picked by the flight school. I’m guessing that’s for a reason. It looks like there are some reasonable landmarks to ensure you don’t end up in the wrong country, including a “if-you-see-the-lake-you’ve-gone-too-far” options for routing.
I think it might be OK after all.

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