Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Winter has arrived!

You can tell when the weather people on the TV start talking in terms of “minutes before your flesh freezes” rather than degrees Celsius!

As you have seen from the previous pictures of me disguised as a yeti, I’m fairly well equipped for the cold but even I still faces challenges.

For a start the blue yeti coat, while warm, weighs about 20 pounds* and it also inflates like an airfoil in any kind of blowy conditions. Crabbing into the wind is something one needs to do on a cross country flight, not while walking to the streetcar stop!

My snow pants, while again are warm are also clunky to walk in and seem to come equipped with features that I’m not 100% certain of the use for. Like metal clips on the bottom of the waterproof inner layer. Probably something to do with skiing.

I have no intention of finding out.

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