Thursday, 29 January 2015

Other things that fly

A couple of weeks ago I headed off to another local(ish) flying club, courtesy of W, who lives close to where I work and was willing to give me a lift. For that alone I’ll forgive the fact that she’s currently in Hawaii sending me pictures of Waikiki Beach, whilst I peer out of the window waiting for the inevitable snow to start, again.

Anyway the purpose of the meeting was for us to take a look at a new helicopter type thing, it’s either now available in Canada or soon to be, or something!

You may have surmised (correctly!) from the above that I’m not exactly au-fait with the world of rotary wing craft. In fact I’d go as far as to say, I think they are rather a silly idea. As far as I can tell, you apply stupid amounts of power and defying all the known laws of physics, the thing lifts off the ground. What it should do, of course, is screw itself into the Earth’s crust!

Apparently this beast is much better than your average helicopter for all kinds of reasons that I either don’t understand or care about to be honest. In hearing about it’s wonderful features I was rather concerned to discover that many ‘copters can suffer from something called “Mast Bumping” which, as far as I can tell, is a process by which a copter will happily slice off its own tail.


Anyway apparently this helicopter is better than other helicopters. It is also shiny and red. Here are some pictures…….

shiny, red and a helicopter
the pitot cover is an optional extra!

still shiny, red and a helicopter

these bits make it work

sticks and buttons to press

apparently these blades are carefully designed
not to slice your tail off
How thoughtful.

more buttons

I think these cover the inner workings
not a helicopter, it was in the same hanger
I get easily distracted by shiny planes

see I'm not the only one

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