Saturday, 10 January 2015

Scratching the itch

Not much flying at the moment. But a lot of activity on the aviation front. I’ve joined a local flying club. Not based at my “home” airport but I’ve found at least two people willing provide transportation there and back.

I’ve been to two of their Saturday morning “turn-up-and-chat-with-pilots-and-then-go-for-brunch” meetings and am planning on attending my first actual club meeting this week.

As a result of the above I’ve been introduced to a group of female pilots who are delighted to welcome me into their midst and have joined the ninety nines.

I’ve finally found the “hanger talk” club that I was kind of missing from my training environment. To be honest I’m having a blast at the moment. Just being around other pilots with such wide and varied backgrounds is fantastic.

It really hit home as well, that no one really cares how long or what it took me to get here. All they care about is that I’m a pilot. That’s all that matters.

I’m also learning a lot about the dark politics of block time, shared ownership and other such arrangements.

Even though I haven’t flown in a fair few weeks, I’m feeling more connected to the world of general aviation than ever.

And for the moment that’s enough to scratch that aviation itch.


  1. Can I ask, is this Buttonville? I've had my eye on their flying club (they accept students). If so, glad to hear the good review...

  2. Hi there,

    Yes it is. email me at localflighteast [at] and I'll pass on my thoughts.

    I had no idea you had a blog. link added.

    we should get together and chat flying sometime.